Opus 4.3.0

New Features & Enhancements

Profile Page

Update Faculty Name & Email
Department and Dean's Office AP staff can update a faculty member’s name and email address in Opus as long as the faculty member is not currently active in UCPath.

Administrative Compensation

Enter a 9ths Dollar Amount
When submitting a proposal for administrative compensation, dean’s office AP staff can enter a 9ths dollar amount, and Opus will calculate the number of 9ths.
Revise & Resubmit
If a proposal for administrative compensation needs to be corrected, APO can send the dean’s office a request to revise and resubmit the proposal through Opus. Opus will automatically notify the staff member who submitted the proposal with the requested changes. Dean’s office staff can edit and resubmit the proposal.

ICL Thresholds

The ICL threshold will update automatically based on the effective date entered. This allows us to better manage retroactive submissions.

Interface Improvements

Proposals is now the default page for Administrative Compensation. We’ve also rearranged the column order to make the page easier to search by name.


UID Request

Fixed an incorrect error message that was sometimes displayed even though a UID request was successfully submitted.

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